[aLeXandEr i. sTinGl]



"Me? I am just travelling housewife."

 Social Studies of Science&Technology, Medical Humanities,and Critical Thinking.

 Of the descriptions of what I do, I have always like 'empirical philosopher' and 'sociologist of organizations as embodied cognitive cultures' best. While I have a PhD in sociology, I do not feel particularly bound within just one discipline. Words like integrative interdisciplinarity might be a good fit. In terms of empricial arenas, I am mainly interested in questions that have to do with how people imagine that they affect the world especially in the areas of biomedicine, digitalization, and bioeconomy. So to give a concise description of my research field, I'd say that I study modes and genres of belonging, participation, and provisioning as embodied, enactive, and extended cognitive cultures as exemplified in biodigitality and bioeconomy as cognitive cultures.

For spring/summer 2017, I am a fellow with the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme and a research associate for the program " Économie du bien-être et de la justice sociale" at the Collège d'édtudes mondiale in Paris, France. Since 2017, I am an associate lecturer at the College of Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. Since 2014, I am a research consultant for the IAM at the University Clinic Erlangen, Germany.

 For more information see the cv here.