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News and Coming Appearances


I have just been selected for and accepted a Independent Scholar Fellowship (ISF4) for the year 2018/19 by the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF) which will be hosted by the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme (FMSH) in Paris.

Forthcoming Soon:

·      (forthcoming) "Writing from Kulturtechnik to Herrschaftstechnik in the digital coloniality of power?"

·     (forthcoming) A series of 3 -5 working papers on bioeconomy,  Collège d'études  mondiales/FMSH

·     (forthcoming, 2018/19) Care, Power, Information: The Colonization of Digital Citizenship in Digital Cultures of Health Care, Ecology, and Social Justice (Legitimacy of the Digital Age ? Part 2), London: Routledge


Just Published:

   (2018)  "Karl  Jaspers's US - American Student", in:  Studi Jaspersiani

(2017) "Roh, gekocht, oder doch lieber ge-CRISPRt?" Avenue, Nr. 5

(2017) "Exercising epistemic authority and the deployment of persuasive technologies:  The case of medical images" in: Vollmann/Nossek/Gather/Henking, eds.. Beneficial coercion in medicine? Foundations, areas of conflict, prevention' (publication following BMBF Klausurwoche, Bochum 2016)

(2016) "Sight beyond Sight: SciFi as Thinking together with Others", Special Issue: Science and Science Fiction, Vol. 2, Bulletin for Science, Technology, & Society, online first

(2016) The Digital Coloniality of Power. Lanham, Md.: Lexington


April 10, 2018

Changing Societies - New Frameworks for Modern Societies Final Conference of the Franco–German  Program, WZB Berlin

16.15 pm  Round Table No. 3 Social Progress and Normative  Foundations of Good Life Jan Spurk , University Paris Descartes Alexander Stingl , Leuphana University of  Lüneburg Miriam Teschl , AMSE/EHESS Moderation:  Julia Wambach , Centre Marc  Bloch/University of Strasbourg. 17.00 pm Field Reports Emmanuelle Puissant , Grenoble University Karin Schittenhelm , Siegen University Alexander Stingl , Leuphana University of  Lüneburg

July 23/24, 2018

Phenomenology and Future of Technology Conference, organizer: Yvonne Foerster, Konstanz

August 10 - 16, 2018

ASA and SSSI Pre-ASA Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (US)

various talks.