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About me.

"Me? I am just a travelling housewife." (Izumi Curtis, FMA)


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 Of the descriptions of what I do, I have always like 'empirical philosopher' and 'sociologist of organizations as embodied cognitive cultures' best. While I have a PhD in sociology, I do not feel particularly bound within just one discipline. Words like integrative interdisciplinarity might be a good fit. In terms of empricial arenas, I am mainly interested in questions that have to do with how people imagine that they affect the world especially in the areas of biomedicine, digitalization, and bioeconomy. So to give a concise description of my research field, I'd say that I study modes and genres of belonging, participation, and provisioning as embodied, enactive, and extended cognitive cultures as exemplified in biodigitality and bioeconomy as cognitive cultures.

From May 2018 to April 2019, I am the Independent Scholar Fellow of the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF), and will be hosted by Fondation Maison des sciences e l'homme (FMSH) at their Coll├Ęge d'├ętudes mondiales in Paris for the duration of the fellowship.