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Peers not Reviewers (in development)

Science policy and organization ideas to improve the process of peer-reviewing for grant-making.

Just Teach: Ideas for teaching in higher ed for young and young-minded teachers (in development)

Teaching Handbook and Seminar: Creating innovative courses:  Syllabi-construction based introduction on using the full range of traditional and emerging teaching techniques.

Being a student in the 21st century (in development)

Guides for Students and TAs on basics of learning, mindful organization, and how to break down barriers and biases.

Switch (in development)

Relations between research universities and community colleges

(Thinking/Doing) The City Without Urbanity

Small projects that reopen “the city” as a political space and temporality without thinking “the city” in the terms of “urban normativity”, i.e. without urbanity understood as the capitalist extraction of resources and profit from gendered and racialized labor, white/class privilege, and the privilege of sub-urbanity and bounded spaces between “nature” and city(-culture).  



SAMPP: SomAesthetics, Mindfulness, and Playfulness Programs in (Higher) Education


Learning Spaces, Learning Times, Learning Styles(in development)

Redesigning class-and seminar rooms, such as tea rooms, play rooms, etc., to fit different temporalities and styles of learning together.

Institute for Decolonial Political Economy (in development)

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Pompeii Journal (2008 - 2013)

The Pompeii Project is an open access and peer-reviewed journal that publishes the work of junior scholars (meaning non-tenure-track) exclusively.

I helped found this forum and currently serve as editor.

You can access the current site and all previously published articles via this link.


Pompeii is not accepting papers at the moment. We are considering the future of the project. We will return to accepting submissions and new members for the boards at some future point. 



Website: www.Pompeii-project.webs.com